About Me

A short bio

Maritza Johnson is a researcher at ICSI. Her broad research interests are in human-centered security and privacy with a focus on how end-users think about personal data management. Prior to joining ICSI she was a user experience researcher on Google's Identity team. Before that she was a technical privacy manager on Facebook's public policy team where she worked as a liaison to the external community on privacy research, designed the first research review process, and contributed to the company’s privacy cross-functional team for new products.

Her academic experience includes a postdoc at UC Berkeley where she worked on mobile device permission systems with Professor David Wagner. She completed her PhD in computer science at Columbia University with Professor Steve Bellovin and wrote her dissertation on end-user access control management with a focus on Facebook privacy settings.

I'm also a consultant. Get in touch with me at maritzaj@gmail.com if you need help: designing a product with privacy in mind, designing a privacy by design review process, or want to talk about how human-centered privacy could be applied in your context.

Work I've done

A few highlights

I led a two-week immersive research trip in India while I was at Google. We conducted usability studies, intercepts in public spaces, one-on-one home interviews, and interviews with Android sellers in Mumbai and Pune.

With my co-authors, I researched the difficulties people have managing Facebook privacy settings. Read about how we measured the problem. Read about our follow-up work to understand people's concerns about sharing content to various audiences.

I've also worked on mobile permissions and usable file access control. Check out my Google Scholar Profile for a complete list of my publications.

In 2017, I taught Software Engineering and Programming II in Java at University of San Diego.

Contact me

I'd love to hear from you. Sending an email is the best way to reach me. You can also find me on Twitter, usually talking about privacy.

Email: maritzaj@gmail.com
Twitter: @maritza_johnson